Cygen Laboratories Toragen is the world’s most powerful botanically derived bioactive anabolic agent. Torabolic - the active ingredient which is EXCLUSIVE to Cygen Labs - has been shown in clinical trials to not only increase strength by 100% in the 8-week study, but was also shown to decrease body-fat by 475%. With Toragen, you will be able to significantly increase strength, build muscle, and burn fat with no hormonal side effects.


Toragen works by stimulating PPAR (peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor) in the muscle, which results in an increase in the power of your oxidative muscle fibres, causing an increase in strength. Additionally, because PPAR also act as the body’s fatty acid sensors, Toragen triggers a genetic response which leads to smaller fat cells, and an increase in fat burning.

University-Tested subjects increased strength by 100%!
Lose up to 475% more fat in only 8 weeks!
Significantly increase strength, build muscle and burn fat with no hormonal side-effects!

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